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Having found out that you could do qualifications in wine, I was very excited and thought that this would give me a good excuse for the odd tipple. Please be aware that having done the courses, I am more fickle with the wines I purchase, although, by no means am I a wine snob!

I achieved a Diploma in Wine when I was well into my 30’s and one of my class was over retirement age so it is never too late to start.

I am able to teach Wine at Intermediate and Advance Certificate levels, please speak to me about what these entail. I am also available for additional assistance in blind tastings and tutorials at Diploma level.

However Wine is fun. I am able to put together an evening, or afternoons entertainment on wine tasting or food matching. The cost will very much depend on the style of wine you wish to use and the price of the wines, however the full service is put together, including the supply of glasses, wine and tasting notes for the whole group. I would suggest that a group is not more than 10, however if you want a structured tasting then I can do a “classroom” set up, including the above.

An example of some of the recent sessions I have done:
ABC – Anything but Chardonnay! Several alternatives to the most well known grape.
New World – vs – Old World – can you taste the difference? and which do you enjoy more? You may be surprised
Basic wine tasting – Specific Grapes or regions
Blind Tasting – What do your group of friends think they are drinking – and how much is it worth?
Red – vs – White – can you taste the difference blind? This is a good fun evening and we often get very surprising results.
However, I am able to customise sessions to your requirements.

The emphasis is always on fun, and bear in mind that the great majority of wine is made to be enjoyed. I can also arrange tours of local vineyards and trips abroad. These can include as much wine tasting and relaxation as you wish. Prices depend on what you require. Please e-mail for further information or telephone 0777 329 5552 for discussion.

Music and Wine

Most people I know have a happy memory in their life, when everything went right. It is normally down to who you were with and the event you were at.

I love both music and wine, but there are certain wines that are good for relaxing at home, after the day is finished listening to my favourite music and there are others that simply do not work in this way.

There is a school of thought that some wines are better with some music than others. This is being explored more and more in the industry.

I am also able to put together a fun evening of music and wines. It is interesting to see how wines work with music and, in particular what music and/or wine do not match.

Think, for example of a heavy Italian Red and putting it with Mozart’s Eine Kliene Nachtmusic or Motorhead ( a heavy metal band), which do you think would be better?

This is a very special fun evening or afternoon that can be done with extremes of music as above or with your favourite music and wines that clash/complement it. This, again, is something that can be done with up to about 10 people.