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Music Lessons

Do you say you wish you had learned to play, or carried on playing an instrument? Here is your opportunity.

I studied piano under Dame Clarice Brooksbank and have extensive experience in teaching piano to adults who just want to learn for enjoyment and children who want to learn. I am able to teach classical or modern piano playing.

You will need a keyboard or piano to practice on, but enjoyment is my first priority. If you wish to take examinations then I will assist in choosing the right examination body for your interests and will teach you to grade 8 standard. I am happy to assist you in choosing your keyboard, if you do not have anything.

You are never too old to learn the piano, but for younger children they have to be able to reach the keyboard and the pedals. (If using an electronic instrument then I am happy to start teaching earlier).

I teach flute to all ages and abilities, again with a focus on enjoyment. The type of music taught depends very much on the style you enjoy. With the flute, I am able to give you assistance in choosing your instrument. If you would like to play a flute that is not a concert flute (Baroque, Bass, Alto etc) I will teach this also.

If you wish to take examinations then again, I will assist you in choosing the right examination and will teach to Diploma standard.

At no stage are you too old to learn, but there are limits on playing instruments. With the flute a child has to be able to hold the instrument but if they are keen on starting early, I can teach either recorder or penny whistle until they are able to move onto the flute.

I also teach singing, from Bass to Soprano, and will teach you to understand the music that suits your voice. We will be able to use your voice to the best you can make of it, teaching breathing techniques and improve your range. I am able to teach to Grade 8 in singing but will also teach specific parts if you want to develop your voice.

I will teach any age to sing in any style required.

I am a musician and believe strongly in understanding music, so along with any of the above, I will always teach theory of music. This will be done alongside your lessons, again to keep as much enjoyment as possible. If you are anticipating doing any examinations then you will need to learn the theory anyway and if you wish to take examinations in theory of music I will teach to Grade 8.

Living in the middle of the Chilterns I will travel to you if you live within a ½ hour radius and the lesson cost will increase slightly to include travel. If you wish to come to me, I have a dedicated music room especially for teaching, writing and playing.

My standard rates are:
£40.00 per hour
£20.00 per half hour

Trial Session

Before taking on a student, I always arrange an informal trial session so that you and I can get to know each other and what each others' expectations are from lessons.

Please Contact Us me with any queries.