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Rowena Tew trading as Wine Woman and Song.

I am always happy to discuss individual needs and try to accomodate any specific requirements.
For all enquiries, please either call Rowena on 0777 329 5552 or email

Tritone Duo - Music for Every Occasion

Tritone Duo, formed late 2010, is comprised of Rowena Tew and Tom Cattermole. Originally teacher and student, Tom was going to study French at University but, after taking inspiration from music lessons chose to change his course to music. We became good friends and decided to set up a partnership. We specialise in solo and duet performances, starting at just £200, will travel across the country and abroad (POA).

Entering our sixth year as Tritone Duo, we have built up a strong repertoire of instruments, genres and styles with music for every occasion.

For more information on events performance by Tritone Duo, please visit or contact either Rowena or Tom Cattermole for further details.