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About Rowena

I qualified in music at a young age, starting piano lessons before reading. It can be said that English is a second language to me, and music my first. I studied piano under Dame Clarice Brooksbank and attended a school that encouraged my talent.

Over the years I have gained several diplomas, I now teach music and play professionally. If you are interested in either joining me to form a new group of like-minded musicians, where music is enjoyed, and not a chore, or for lessons please feel free to contact me.

In 1989 I attended a wine tasting and discovered that you can actually become qualified in wine. What better or more enjoyable form could revision take than a glass of wine? Within a few years I had earned my diploma in wine, I found that between wine tasting, performing and teaching music are some of the best activities that life can offer.

I also lecture in wine, write columns, and conduct wine tasting evenings for fun or personal development. I teach the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) Intermediate and Advanced Certificates as well as Diploma. For a different event, I can lead a tasting evening at your home designed around your likes and dislikes, or even open your eyes to wines that you may have otherwise not tried. For more information, please contact me by email at

About Wine Woman and Song

Originally starting trading in 2000, Wine Woman and Song encompasses some of my greatest passions in life. It becomes difficult to draw a line between business and pleasure when it comes to sharing the enjoyment of music with others, be it performing or teaching.

What is in a name?

The name Wine Woman and Song was inspired by "Wine, women and song", the waltz written by Johan Strauss II.